Community Outreach for Not-for-Profits

One thing I’ve learned in Marketing and Communications is that you have to find every possible channel to get your message out there, or risk being invisible and lose out on potential support. One of the ways to improve your visibility is to do a program of public speaking and community outreach.

Why not offer a free presentation to introduce your organization and its services? That’s precisely what I did for Inn From The Cold, a winter shelter offering employment and health and wellness programs in Newmarket, Ontario. The presentation is delivered by board members and is helping to form strong community relationships. The goal is to create awareness that translates into an increased number of volunteers, event participants and donations. There are lots of service clubs and community groups looking for speakers for their meetings. All you need is the right approach!


If you want to develop a similar program for your organization, let’s connect and talk about developing a plan, a presentation and your speaking notes. Click on the tab above called “Send me a note”.


About Sheila Gregory

Sheila is a professional business writer with a background in marketing and corporate communications. She is available for freelance assignments in business writing, blogging, content marketing, social media strategy, editing and proofreading. Please contact her by email to discuss your next project:
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