5 key things to remember when writing website copy

Writing web copy – what have you got to lose (in 15 seconds)?

Writing Web Copy on a Mac Computer

When you’re searching for something online, what’s important to you? You want information now! Visitors to your website are no different. Welcome to the breakneck speed of content marketing! Hold onto your hat! We’re going to move fast – like the readers of your website content.

What have you got to lose? Your visitors! Research shows that readers will spend 15 seconds to find what they want. If not, they’ll leave you in the digital dust. So make sure these 5 tactics are included in your content marketing strategy.

1. Content Marketing = Keywords, Keywords, Keywords!

How can you get visitors to your website without a huge advertising budget? There are oodles of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost your page rank results. One of the most important is using relevant keywords.

Before you write any web copy, do your research. Find three or four terms related to your business. Think like your target audience – what terms would they search to find your products or services? Then check out Google Trends or an online keyword research tool. Pop in some terms and get a boatload of insight. Work these new terms into your web copy several times, making sure it appeals to the average reader.

2. Content Marketing = Headings, Headings, Headings!

Part of your content marketing strategy must be to make reading fast and easy. You need to make your website copy a breeze to scan for relevant information.

When writing web copy, break the information into chunks. Give each chunk an interesting heading that can be found by the web crawlers by including a keyword. This tactic can boost your page rank and keep your readers’ attention, leading them closer to your call to action (CTA).

3. Write web copy with important information “above the fold”

Write important headlines at the top of the pageThink of a real newspaper in a box. “Above the fold” refers the main headlines showing through the window, enticing readers to buy. It’s the same with website copy. The most important information goes at the top. Visitors should see it without scrolling down. The Google ‘bots’ will rank your page higher and your readers will stay longer when on a relevant page.

4. Include a Call To Action (CTA)

What should website content do? Do you want visitors to subscribe? Register? Purchase a product? Your web copy must give clear instructions on what to do. Consider adding a brightly coloured “Call Now” or “Buy Now” button at the top (above the fold of course!)

 5. Content marketing means providing value

Your website content strategy must produce a flow of valuable information. Visitors should want your content! Create helpful lists, how to posts, and entertaining, informative articles. If you provide value and promote your site, they will follow. When your readers are ready to make a purchase, your content will have done its job. They’ll visit you first, because you’ve built a “top of mind” brand through your content marketing strategy.

Do you need help with writing website copy? Blogging? Social media? Writing e-blasts, media releases or a fundraising letterCheck out a few pages on this site to see if my writing style fits your needs. Then send me a note. Let’s work together to reach your organization’s objectives.

(Credit: This article was originally written for Eden Advertising in Toronto, Ontario, Canada).


About Sheila Gregory

Sheila is a professional business writer with a background in marketing and corporate communications. She is available for freelance assignments in business writing, blogging, content marketing, social media strategy, editing and proofreading. Please contact her by email to discuss your next project: promotion.notions2@gmail.com
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