The Value of High Traffic Web Pages

When you need a content writer, ask yourself what you want to achieve. You might say you want more traffic to your website. I’d probably ask you why. Most website owners answer, “To increase sales, of course!”


And let’s admit it – that’s everyone’s ultimate end goal.

But, there is more value to traffic than creating sales. It usually takes several steps between a visitor finding your homepage and becoming a customer. A content writer has a way of leading them along a path. As long as they get their hands on good information.

What Are Visitors Doing on Your Website?

Often, visitors are simply researching your products or services and comparing them to others. They have a bunch of tabs open and switch from one site to another in search of the best choice. If they come back to your site at this stage, they may still be getting to know you.

Your ability to get leads and inquiries, develop relationships and help prospects depends on your ability to keep them on your website, spending time and following the path to buying. Ushering prospects along that path requires writing effective website copy, which depends on knowing what interests them.

A Content Writer’s Secret

Content writers have a little secret about this dance of the web page visits. Details about high traffic are valuable to them. Web page analytics are their best friend and they use them to determine what to write. They love to know which web page or blog post is getting the most traffic with lots of time spent on page.

Why Finding a High Bounce Rate is So Exciting to a Content Marketer

Of course, the reverse is important too. Content writers also want to know about bounce rates – when visitors spend just a fleeting moment or two and click away from your site. That gives them feedback about titles and topics that don’t work.

The first thing I’ll do with your analytics reports is look for opportunities to improve the headline on a page that has a high bounce rate. Then I’ll beef up the content and make sure it’s relevant to the searcher.

What Do Content Writers Do with Analytics?

So what do content writers do with the information that one page is more popular than another?

First they do keyword research and try to understand what led your customers to a web page. They look at what pages seem most interesting to your customers so you can brainstorm together on developing more content about those topics. For example:

  • ‘How to’ blog posts
  • Adding links to pages with more detail
  • Pinpointing spinoff topics to attract visitors

Content writers also create social media posts on hot topics and direct people to your most popular pages, generating even more traffic.

Knowing what website visitors are attracted to informs content writers about the interests of your leads and helps them develop buyer personas for you.

You can find out your visitors needs, curiosities and problems through the comments section on your blog or social media sites.

Give Your Content Writer Access to Your Analytics

Make sure your content writer has this information to use in all your marketing channels, including print, social media, public relations, email campaigns and event marketing. The best way is to just give your content writer access with your password. If you just can’t do that, then maybe you can give them screenshots of the reports on a weekly basis.

Now you know that I have fun with web page analytics because I’m results-oriented. I cannot get enough numbers or measurements. No topic is boring. I always want to learn more about your readers’ needs and what makes them read on. And I believe in content tweaks to test what makes your website traffic go up.

I cannot overestimate the value of your high traffic web pages. When you share this information with me, it provides me with insight about how to write to your prospects and get them interested in your products and services.

Do you need help with content marketing, proofreading or editing? Send me an email at I’m a professional business writer with experience in many different industries. Check out some samples of my business blogs. Then, let’s chat about content marketing.


About Sheila Gregory

Sheila is a professional business writer with a background in marketing and corporate communications. She is available for freelance assignments in business writing, blogging, content marketing, social media strategy, editing and proofreading. Please contact her by email to discuss your next project:
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